Eddie Bear's Trip to South Dakota and parts of Wyoming.
I Took TONS of photos...
Here are a few that represent the trip!
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Mount Rushmore! I've seen photos all my life, but nothing compares to being there. The president's noses are about 20 feet long
Their mouths are approximately 18 feet wide. Their eyes are about 11 feet across!
Each President's head is as tall as a six-story building! NOT some alien planet... these are the Badlands!
The Geographical Center of our Nation (the tourist version), Belle Fourche SD The REAL center is about 20 miles north of the town.
Cross over the barbed wire fence to see the humble True center of our nation. The Chapel in the Hills - This amazing structure was built without nails - only wooden dowel pins
Devil's Tower (Wyoming) - Became United States first National Monument in1906 It rises 1,267 feet high and the summit is 5,112 feet above sea level.
Hand carved Miner in Deadwood SD. Donkeys along the side of the road.
The great metropolitan area of Aladdin Wyoming!  "Salute!" Aladdin's General store - Since the 1890's!
Roadside attraction - panning for gold. Saw abundant wildlife!
Buffalo That's a lot of bull...
Bunny Deer
Hermosa SD surprised me with an alternate to the other four Big President No plaque or explanation why they are there...
Very well done, and worth seeing. The very rare Jackalope Pheasant
Yeeee Haw! (at Wall Drug, Wall SD) A mountain goat comes by for a quick visit.
Large fiberglass statue of a cowboy carries a pick-axe and wears a Harley belt buckle.  Fun with perspective... Gimmie!
Saw the sign and started looking for them... Yep there he is... cute isn't he?
Mountain Rams (bighorn sheep) Unexpected... It's SNOWED!
Outside the Spearfish SD chamber Squirrel
Sturgis Top of the hill in Wall SD
Sundance Wyoming Harry "Sundance Kid" Longabaugh's home town.
Tires Tires Tires Turkeys


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