Eddie Bear: The Early Years (condenced Version)

Eddie Bear and his Father
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Eddie's story begins years ago on an Armed Forces Day in Nurnburg Germany when a cute German gal met a couple of young American Soldiers on the base.
One of the soldiers was named Edward, and he and the gal hit it off and started dating. Things didn't work out for Edward, but his best friend stepped in and before you know it, there were wedding bells.  Edward did get a consolation prize - the couple named their son after him, but shorted it and called the baby "Eddie".
Burg Veldenstein were Eddie enjoyed much of his youth
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Young Eddie Bear spent the first 11 years of his life in Europe while his military father traveled the world for Uncle Sam.

Eddie spent many years enjoying his youth at the medieval castle named "Veldenstein" in Germany, as well as spending several years in France.

Eddie's Grandmother singing a traditional German folk song
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Eddie's musical influences began early as his Uncle Peter, a University Professor would often play recorded selections of some of the greatest composers known to history.  His mother, was a fan of the popular music of the day which included rock and roll as well as vocal standards.  Grandma, would sing along with traditional German folk music, but on those occasions when Dad came home on furlough (vacation)  - there were only two types of music filling the home: Country AND Western.  All those years of being subjected to various styles of music helped Eddie become one of the most musically diverse individuals you'll ever meet. 
Bonanza At age 11, Eddie's father came home with the news that he is being assigned to a military base in Texas. The difference between this duty assignment and those of years past was that the family was going too!  Eddie's mom was horrified... "Texas! gunslingers and Indians... oh no!".  After all, the only real thing they knew about Texas is what they saw and TV, and Bonanza was a very popular show. (Yes, even in Germany). So the packing began and soon the family had touched down at D-FW airport in Texas.
Eddie Became a Certified SCUBA diver at age 13
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In American school Eddie found that he was ahead of the game and had already learned the material they were teaching. Eddie recalls "The teacher promised that we might be able to dissect a frog next quarter... I did that in school years ago". But nonetheless he went on to excel in Science. In fact it soon became evident that he could combine his hobby of SCUBA Diving with a career and set his sites on becoming a Marine Biologist. (Eddie became a certified SCUBA diver at age 13).
Eddie enrolled in college to follow his dream of Oceanography, but not unlike many other college students suffered from a severe lack of spending money. 
Eddie's brother, a carpenter, just completed a building project at a local night club and invited Eddie to see his work.  While in the club, the owner of that establishment walked over.  Eddie remembers "He was a short Iranian fella who looked at me and said 'you're a big one', before I could respond he offered me a job as a bouncer... I guess they call that Club security now".

Eddie would attend classes by day and work the club at night. Then one evening the DJ didn't show up - the club owner in somewhat of a panic told Eddie to "go put on a record or something before people start to leave".  Eddie has never seen anything like a DJ stand before, and grabbed a record at random and started pushing buttons and flipping switches until the music could finally be heard.  The DJ never did show up that night, and the boss thought Eddie did a good enough job to take over as Club DJ.

Meanwhile back at college, a new semester was coming up and Eddie saw that a class called "Introduction to Broadcasting" was available. He signed up and before that semester was even complete, he knew it was time to change his major to "Radio and Television". It wasn't long before he started playing tunes at the college radio station, and actually became one of the few paid employees there while still attending class and working the club at night.

The program director of an area commercial radio station heard Eddie on the college station and offered him a job in "real" radio.  Eddie accepted and never looked back.