Ferlin Husky 
1927 - 2011 

Born December 3, 1927 in a farm near Flat River Missouri . He got into the music business as a DJ, calling himself Terry Preston. He went on to perform using that same name. When he signed to Capital records in the 50's he recorded under his real name, but it was spelled different. Plus, he laid down some tracks under the name Simon Crum. All those names, with at least one I'm sure you remember. Ferlin Husky! 

 Ferlin's musical aspirations began at a young age as he would sing and play guitar at church, amateur contests, and pretty much anyone who would listen. Then came the call to war in which he served 5 years in the Merchant Marines during WWII (during which he was awarded a citation as "Volunteer Gunner" as a result of his action during the battle)

Ferlin scored his first number one single in 1957 with the song "Gone" and three years later hit with the song he'll be most remembered by - one of the biggest songs of 1960 , holding the top spot for 36 weeks: "Wings of a Dove". 

"'On the Wings of a Dove' has lasted in my heart since I was 3 years old and that's one of the songs I chose to remember my own father with," 
Vince Gill

"There were a lot of years when nobody in the business could follow Ferlin Husky," "He was the big live act of the day. A great entertainer." 
Merle Haggard 

One of the first country artists to have his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, He was a singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor, and comedian who was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010.

"The main thing I'm proud of, this is for my family and for the many people who want to see me go in there before I die,"... "It's a great honor." 
Ferlin Husky (2010 to the Associated Press about being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame)  

You may recall he had a triple bypass heart operation back in 1977 and briefly retired from the music business, but by the 1980's he was back on track performing at the Grand Ole Opry, Branson, and on tour. On April 17, 2009, the 81 year old was admitted to a hospital with congestive heart failure and pneumonia.

He had suffered from heart problems and related ailments for several years. He was 85.

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