Some of my favorite photos from
St. Louis, MO. Zoo

EB at the South entrance of the St. Louis Zoo Mr. Sea Lion comes up to pose for a photo. A majestic Transcaspian Urial. This is a Takin (rhymes with rockin'), an antelope-like goat and a little known relative of the musk ox.
This Zebra appeared to have an attitude! This Mighty Lion seemed a bit melancholy on this cold winter day LOVE THIS BIRD! If you ever watched a jungle movie and heard "kook koo koo ka ka ka" This is who's making that call. The kookaburra bird Penguins galore! They had Gentoo, Humboldt, King, and Rockhopper penguins.
Mr. Polar Bear seemed quite at home in the cold temperatures The Amur leopard is among the rarest of all the leopards A Red Panda!  Adorable! Gotta Eat! stopped into this drive in called "Courtesy Diner". Very Cool